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State Representative for District 108

Protecting Freedom.

Upholding Constitutional Values.


Justin Hicks is a husband, father, combat veteran of six years in the United States Army, Attorney, Missouri Assistant Attorney General, and Director of the Defenders program which provides legal services to military members and veterans. As a Conservative, career public servant, and Christian, Justin believes traditional family values and the United States Constitution’s fundamental principles are the foundational elements to supporting strong communities and a prosperous state. 

Justin is a resident of Lake Saint Louis, Missouri, alongside his wife Heather. Justin and Heather met while in law school and cannot wait to start their family together. Both of them are born and raised in Missouri, and Justin grew up with his two brothers and mother. Justin’s father passed away from pancreatic cancer when Justin was 12 years old. Though his upbringing was difficult, Justin’s enduring faith and hope propelled him to seek a life to help others. 

Hobbies: Running, Winning the family bake-offs and chili cook-offs, visiting local restaurants, Hiking, and Playing Volleyball.

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General Election

November 8, 2022 at 6:00 AM

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